MP3 320kbps - We will enhance the track you send to us.

MP3 320kbps - We will enhance the track you send to us.

Using your own track.

We fully understand that you may want to keep your current backing tracks but they just need a little help bringing them up to broadcast standard. Well we can help remove any hiss, pops, or other issues with your favourite tracks. We will also balance up any EQ and volume issues as part of the service so you won't need to worry about altering your mixing desk during your performances.

Please note that providing stems (individual instruments) results in a superior production. We can still improve the quality & level of your stereo file but providing stems would be recommended. Your track will be returned as a high-quality 320kbps MP3.

Please send files to [email protected] through

We will produce your backing track and send you a sample. Once you’re happy, we will ask you to pay through our secure website payment service and then we will send you the complete backing track.

(Please note that backing tracks produced by Backing Track Productions don't come with licenses of any kind. If you are planing to use our mixed and mastered backing tracks online or for any form of distribution, you would have to source your own rights/licenses to do so.)

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