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If you're looking to improve the sound of your show, you've definitely arrived at the right place as we've been producing backing tracks for well over 35 years.

You may be aware that there are millions of cheap backing tracks readily available but the majority are not ready for broadcast or live shows.

Here at …

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Kicking Bass Drum & Punchy Controlled Bass.

So you can see that It’s not as easy as downloading backing tracks and expecting all the levels to be correct.

If you're looking for that professional balanced sound and levels on ALL your backing tracks, then we can help.

We Can Use Your Own Familiar Backing Tracks

We fully understand that you probably want to improve the backing tracks you currently use. So if required, we can enhance those very tracks for you.

Alternatively, we can create the backing tracks for you.

Once you have your newly polished tracks, we are sure you’ll be eager to showcase your new professional …

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Da-Ran (musician)

Backing Track Productions offer such a high quality service. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my playback files. 👌😎

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Really top quality studio.

Jun 4, 2020
Wayne Rathbone

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