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if you're looking to improve the sound of your show, you've definitely arrived at the right place as we've been producing backing tracks for well over 35 years now.

My question to you is, do you feel that you're always wrestling with your backing tracks on stage? Their volumes are all different? One track bass heavy, the next sounds too thin, maybe the next sounding muddy? Well we can help clean up and perfect your sounds so you can just concentrate on the most important thing, your performance.

Get ready to hear your songs and music in a whole new light.

In our industry standard recording studio, we produce amazing sounding backing tracks for live and broadcast use.

All of our services are available at affordable rates from £10-£25 per track.  

Kicking Bass Drum & Punchy Controlled Bass.

It’s not as easy as downloading backing tracks and expecting all the levels to be correct. That’s just the first step. Those tracks need to be sent to us to bring them up to broadcast & live use quality.

If you're looking for that professional balanced sound on ALL your backing tracks, then we can help.

We Can Use Your Own Familiar Backing Tracks

We fully understand that you probably want to improve the backing tracks you currently use, so if required, we can enhance those very tracks for you. Alternatively, we can create the backing tracks for you.

Once you have your newly produced tracks, we are sure you’ll be eager to showcase your new professional sound to your audiences. This will result in repeated future bookings for you, so it's money well spent. For a small price you can create the perfect sounding backing tracks for your performances. It’s surely worth it

We offer 2 main services. Firstly we can use your current backing tracks and bring them up to broadcast standard ready for your live use.

Secondly, we can create new tracks for you.

£10-£15 backing track privided by yourself.
£15-£25 backing track provided by ourselves.


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All products
Send Us Your Backing Track To Be Enhanced
We Will Produce A Backing Track From Scratch
Mixing & Mastering Your Original Composition

Send Us Your Backing Track To Be Enhanced

We Will Produce A Backing Track From Scratch

Mixing & Mastering Your Original Composition

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Thats right, we will produce 3 backing tracks for the price of 2 for you. It's a no brainer, what are you waiting for? 

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