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Crystal Waters by Da-Ran

Sadly Man by Da-Ran

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22 Oceans

Up & Coming Band

22 Oceans are a promising UK band making waves with their unique blend of synth dreampop and mesmerizing female vocal harmonies. 

Hailing from the Northwest of England, this dynamic group is characterized by their captivating soundscapes and emotive lyrics. 

Fronted by 19-year-old twin sisters Carys and Keeley, 22 Oceans dives deep into themes of love, despair, self-discovery, and the human experience, creating music that resonates with the soul.  

With an ever-expanding discography, 22 Oceans is poised to make a lasting mark on the music scene, offering listeners a profound connection and an immersive musical experience.

Take a listen to their cover of Depeche Mode's song Puppets below.

Puppets by 22 Oceans

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