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Mixing & Mastering Engineers

Mixing & Mastering Engineers

Per day. Usually 1 song per day.

Please send us the stems or stereo file of your original composition/track via to [email protected] and we'll bring your song up to broadcast standard ready to sell and share with the world. 

Our Mix & Master engineers have worked on many great releases over the years and have a great understanding of how you want your new music to sound. No AI mastering system can give you that human ear and personal touch that is so vital to the end product.

You will be sent a login code to be able to join the production process. Once you login to Phonic-Studio’s you’ll be greeted by our Sound Engineer who will guide you from there. You will both produce your track to a broadcast quality to share with the world.

Send a Message

Please email us with your requirements.

Have you booked one of our audio engineers? Please note that Backing Track Productions in Cheshire, UK will contact you to confirm a booking you've made.

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